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I'm Alex. I'm from Dukinfield, just west of Manchester, UK. I enjoy coding, board games, drinking whisk(e)y and spending time with my wife and two boys.

I'm in the tubes of the internets!

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I enjoy coding. From the large system architecture & planning, all the way down to problem solving. There is something about the Eureka moment that is intoxicating. I feel with programming, I'll never stop learning, as there is always an area I know nothing about. That's what makes it so special!

I'm a tech and team lead with an informal approach to management and with a desire to be one of the team, while still being the buck-stops-here and capable of offering technical direction where needed.

I'm a .NET focused software engineer and architect...

.NET Core .NET Framework C# ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web API LINQ Xamarin Entity Framework EPiServer CMS MSTest NUnit Moq MSMQ T-SQL

... with a strong background in web development...

HTML5 & XHTML TypeScript JavaScript CSS SASS & LESS Angular Bootstrap JQuery Jasmine Performance Optimisation Lighthouse

... and plenty of DevOps...

IIS Git Octopus Deploy VSTS Azure CI/CD Pipelines NuGet NewRelic

... and the architectural and softer skills ...

SOLID Principles TDD / Unit Testing Managing CI/CD Team Leading Pragmatic Problem Solver CI/CD Pipelines Comfortable with CLI

... and I have inquisitive knowledge in some other random areas...

PHP MySQL Elixir
I'm a big fan of board & card games. I love playing social deduction games such as One Night Werewolf, Mafia De Cuba and Secret Hitler. As well as the more in-depth, strategy-heavy ones such as Game Of Thrones, Alchemist and Through The Ages: Civilization.
As also mentioned, when not at work drinking coffee and fruit "teas", I love Whisky. I love a wide range of whisky, from the smooth Irish like Jamesons - to the heavy punch-you-in-the-face scotches like Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroig.

OK - Enough about me now.

If you want to contact me, then you can do so by any of the social media links at the top, or by emailing me amadiere@amadiere.com.

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