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12th April 2009

WordPress Blog & The Tools for the Job

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I decided about 6 months ago I’d start a blog! So, I created a blog.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided I’d resurrect that blog idea and carry on. But this time carry it on! One of the things I’ve been doing when I’m supposed to be writing blog entries, is tweaking my setup and trying to improve the way my blog works and I can monitor things. After all, I want to feel as if my blog posts are getting better!

After installing WordPress way back in October or even earlier, I can’t remember – but either way – it needed an update! To my amazement, that was a piece of cake. In my site admin area, I just click to update the link – this is fantastic as I’m utterly not interested in FTP and file permissions, so to be able to just click a link appealed to me greatly!

It was then, just as I was about to start my first new post for months, that I figured I should check for plugins before I continue. After all, it may make my life easier! Over the period of the next two weeks, I’ve been digging out a number of different plugins to make my life easier and to promote my blog posts better.

All in One SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - I’d definitely recommend this and the fact that its one of the most popular plug-ins for WordPress and has been for as long as I can remember, is testament to how good it is. It tweaks elements of the page to ensure that Google, Yahoo and the others are all looking at a view of the same information, but more tailored to them.

Feedburner – This was something new to me and it took a bit of fiddling about to get it how I want it. But I was keen to know how many people are subscribing to my blog. While at the moment – it’s just me. I think in time, it’ll be good to see if anyone takes an interest, and how things are change over time.

Google AnalyticsHow I love this service from Google. I’ve experienced a number of services that do similar, as well as attempting to monitor internally – but this free service from Google is fantastic and I’ve seen no better of late. The mod itself isn’t rocket science – but it does it’s job beautifully well!

SociableWorth setting up to give those that browse with accounts on the various different linking networks, the ability to share your content – if it proves to be of any merit or worth. ;)

Twitter ToolsTwitter Tools is great for the right hand side – but I think I started at the wrong time as I’m finding it a bit of a tricky devil to make it post. I’m using currently the old “archives” format of Permalinks. This is making my life a damn-sight easier to fit into a twitter post. So it’s not too bad. However, it does come with the disadvantage that Google Analytics code can’t be added to it to enable monitoring of campaigns (basically, letting me know how many visitors are coming from my Tweets.

PostViews & PostRatingThese required me to faff about with the template file, but nothing major and they worked other than that, right out of the box. If people use them, I’ll maybe get to see what people think I’m good at.

Super CacheBonafide God. It makes WordPress usable! One of the only definite!

WPTouchA quite nifty change to the template when viewed via an iPhone or iPod Touch, my current phone, so I’m bias.

With these tools – and I’m always on the lookout for more things – I hope to keep up the motivation and effort and post fairly frequently. But, first, I’m just gonna look for some other plugin… :)

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